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Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meters are designed for applications where a customer is unwilling or unable to cut into the process measurement line to install an in-line meter.

Available in configurations for pipe line sizes from DN15 to DN4000 (1/2” to 160”), the Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meter design offers a cost-effective means of measuring liquid flow through a pipe.

With designs that can withstand up to 200˚C (392˚F), this Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meter technology is ideal for liquids with limited solids or gas content.

Because Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meter mounts on the outside of the pipe, there is no need to worry about material compatibility with the process being measured or the pressure in the pipeline.

Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for users looking for a process measurement device that is easy to install and can maintain flow measurement for clean liquids.​