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Biogas Cow dung is used in many developing countries for generating energy. It has a lot of potential to reduce carbon footprint. By capturing and storing CO2 from biogas into the ground, the Biogas Cow dung becomes carbon negative and scrubs our past CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere.

The Biogas Cow dung fuels the engine, which in turn spins an electric generator to create electricity. Waste heat from the engine is used to keep the digester warm and offsets fuel purchase on the farm.

Gas engines require about 0.5 m3 of methane per horsepower per hour. Some care must be taken with the lubrication of engines using solely Biogas Cow dung due to the “dry” nature of the fuel and some residual hydrogen sulphide, otherwise these are a simple conversion of a gasoline engine.

The big plant is a co-operation between agriculture, local government and district heat stations and will purify livestock manure, while at the same time produce heat and electricity to the nearby cities of Holstebro and Struer.

The organic wastes were allowed to stabilise, anaerobic fermentation involving the degrading of the wastes by the action of various microbes of different sizes and functions, leading to the production of Biogas Cow dung in the absence of oxygen was achieved.